New Preprint Out: Dash Sylvereye: A New Python Library for WebGL-accelerated Street Network Visualization

I’m happy to share that a preprint about the Dash Sylvereye project is out: “Dash Sylvereye: A WebGL-powered Library for Dashboard-driven Visualization of Large Street Networks.

Dash Sylvereye is a new Python library to quickly produce interactive web visualizations of street networks obtained from OpenStreetMap with the excellent OSMnx library.

The user can assign custom styles to individual elements of the network based on the network’s data.

Dash Sylvereye exploits the GPU through WebGL, allowing the user to smoothly navigate through pretty large networks with dozens of thousands of street roads, junctions, and markers on any modern web browser.

Moreover, Dash Sylvereye is built on top of React and the widely-used Plotly Dash framework, allowing the design of web dashboards with plots and UI elements that can in turn interact with Dash Sylvereye visualizations.

We plan to release the Dash Sylvereye library soon under an open-source license.

In the meanwhile, you can find the article preprint on arXiv and ResearchGate:

More posts on Dash Sylvereye to come.

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