Repensando la Ciudad: A Workshop to Reevaluate the Way We Think About Cities

Back in October 2019, I collaborated as an organizer of the workshop “Repensando la Ciudad” (Rethinking Cities) which took place on October 18-19 of that year in Queretaro City. The objective of “Repensando la Ciudad” was to share and generate knowledge about alternative ways of thinking about cities from a transdisciplinary perspective. We also sought to foster synergies among the participating actors, including students from UNAM and UAQ, that share a common view on Mexican urban planning policies.

“Repensando la Ciudad” consisted of three activities: 1) a presentation session about interdisciplinary projects on urban sustainability; 2) group activities where researchers, including myself, worked together with students on new ideas to redesign cities under imaginary but thought-provoking scenarios; 3) a guided tour through the Metropolitan Area of Queretaro to further stimulate innovative thinking on urban planning, mobility, and water management.

We believe “Repansando la Ciudad” was a success. Particularly, I recall students showing much creativity during group activities. They seemed pretty excited about showing and presenting the ideas they came up with during the workshop. I look forward to organizing “Repensando la Ciudad II” soon.

You can find more about “Repensando la Ciudad” through the following links (in Spanish):

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